Message from Centre Secretary

Message from the New Centre Secretary.


Firstly let me introduce myself, My name is Martin Fairburn and I am your new Yorkshire Centre ACU secretary taking over from Sue Smith after many years or service, and I would just like to take the opportunity  to thank Sue for those years of service that she has given.  read more

I have been involved in motorsport for much of my life namely trials though the influences of my father Barrie Fairburn along with my uncles Geoff and Ronnie Fairburn and also my Grandad Jack Walker who was a member of the Bradford club. I have been the Sports/results Secretary of the Horsforth and DMC Ltd for the last 34 years and I have also held the position of Chairman for the last 5 or 6 years. For the last year or so I have actively been involved with the centre especially with the introduction of the Sport80 platform that was thrust upon us by the ACU.

To business – 

As many of you will know we [Yorkshire Centre ACU] held an AGM last Tuesday, the 2nd AGM this year in fact, it was brought forward (a decision made much earlier this year) to discuss whether the centre should continue or not, with the introduction of the Sport80 the ACU have taken over much of the control that we had at regional levels to the point where the afore mentioned discussions took place. However we feel there is still an very active place for the Yorkshire Centre. The role of the Yorkshire Centre is to promote motor sport within our region and be there to support you – the clubs that are affiliated to the Yorkshire Centre.

We have therefore made a decision at the AGM to form a sub-committee to examine all the rules of the Centre and I hereby invite you to propose delegates from you respective clubs to attend a round table discussion with the aim of making trials in Yorkshire the best in the country. Ideally the delegates should represent the cross section of riders that we have in the YC and front line officials.

I am happy to host such a meeting on an evening or weekend ideally in person or as a hybrid meeting, the meeting will focus on the rules of the centre with a priority focus on the following:

  • Yorkshire Centre Championship rules and formats
  • West Yorkshire Championship rules and formats

Please can you circulate this information and pass on any names that would be willing to act as a delegate to such a meeting and if they could also give a preference as to what would be a convenient in the way of timing.

Best regards

Martin Fairburn