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Details of forthcoming Club Trials and Meetings

ALL TRIALS ABOVE ARE CLOSED TO CLUB EVENTS (you must be a member of the Bradford club to ride), and all cater to youth and adults of all ages and abilities.

If you require further information please leave a message on our Facebook page.

Lets Talk About 2022

As you may have seen, or even ridden, Trials are back on the calendar. This has added a bit of a workload for our faithful and hard-working committee members. So, for the club to continue in 2022 we need a little more help.   We are currently short of Event Secretaries, Clerk of Course, and course plotters. All the jobs would suit somebody with a little free time. The event Secretary involves mostly form-filling and box-ticking so fair organisational skills are required. The Clerk, of Course, requires to be licensed by the ACU. The existing committee members won’t just say, ‘Get on with it!’ – they will give you any help and support you need. If you think that you can help the club, please come along to the next meeting or leave a message via our Facebook page.
The Boxing Day trial may be the last trial the club run.
Come to the meeting at The Narrow Boat Inn Skipton on Wednesday 27/10/ 21 starting at 8:00 pm. WE look forward to seeing you.

Latest: The Centre will be running a Clerk of Course Seminar in the near future. Want to have a go? Send details to the Club Secretary. More details are on the Yorkshire Centre website.

New to Trials?

You will need to be registered with the ACU through their website. You can create a new account. via the button below. When you have created your account you can use it to join clubs, get your Trials Registration and then enter competitions. Once you have created an account and logged in, click on Club Membership, – Apply / Renew – then complete your Bradford & DMC membership from there. Your membership will be approved automatically and you should then complete your licence application using the My Licences link.


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