Sport80 Update 30/11

Sport80 Launch 30/11

All Clubs and members will receive an email from Sport80 that includes a link to set a new password and access your account; there will be separate emails for those who are members and club secretaries/officials etc and if requested, we can merge all accounts into one where they can switch users.

Please do not go on to the new platform until you have received your email, these should all be sent out by cease of play today (30/11/22).  There is no requirement for members or clubs to set up a new profile as all personal or club information will already be pre-populated when you follow the link.

If you do not receive an email by Thursday morning, please contact the ACU and we will resolve the issue

2023 Licence Renewal

On the new ACU Platform, riders can apply for 2023, without a 2023 club membership, but the licence will be pending. The actual licence holds no fee, it is the member details that the fee is attached to. You will start getting email reminders to renew your details 30 days prior to the expiry date (31.12.22). If you do not complete this before 01.01.23 the licence will then go into a PENDING state and therefore invalid

The new system will replace the existing one, giving you the ability to manage licences, Club Affiliations, and various documentation among a host of other areas.

Bradford DMC Members

Those of you who are already registered with the ACU will have received emails from the ACU about moving the ACU website to the Sport 80 platform. For our Trials on 4/12/22, 26/12/22 and 1/1/23 please continue using the old system at

One thing that will happen is the charges the ACU make for using the online system will increase. Unfortunately, this cost will have to be passed on to you the riders at some point. You can rely on that The Bradford & District Motor Club will carry on running trials and will keep the increased costs down to a minimum. To start with the Club Membership fees will stay in single figures for all. The actual price will be posted before the year’s end.

The Club look forward to seeing you all at our trials in the future.

How to renew your licence