Beginners & Novice Trial 21/6/23

The third Beginners & Novice trial should be run at Venue 2B decided. The location. will be posted here soonThe date is 21/6/23 starting at 18:00hrs(ish). The course will be the same severity as the previous trials. Entries were via the ACU website. There will be NO entries on the day

To assist you with your course selection the club has put details

Hard Course. (H)50/50 Clubman A. (A)Clubman B Easy (Beginners). (B)
H Adult = All adult classesA Adult = All adult classesB Adult = All adult classes
H Yth A = Youth A ClassA Yth A = Youth A ClassB Yth A = Youth A Class
H Yth B = Youth B ClassA Yth B = Youth B ClassB Yth B = Youth B Class
H Yth C = Youth C ClassA Yth C = Youth C ClassB Yth C = Youth C Class
A Yth D = Youth D ClassB Yth D = Youth D Class
A Yth E = Youth E (Electric bikes)B Yth E = Youth E (Electric bikes)