In the last five years, it has been challenging for many clubs, including Bradford Bradford DMC Ltd. The committee that took over the running of the Club during this time have done a first class job. In 2019 Covid entered the country. It had one hell of an impact on motorsport, with clubs, unable to run events due to the restrictions imposed by the government. The ACU, during this period, gave clubs advice and conditions, on how to organise Trials. There were a lot of hoops to jump through that made the running of trials very time-consuming for the officials.. The committee took on all the advice and started running trials under these strict conditions.
In 2021/22 and Covid was in a slight decline, the Club increased the number of Trials it ran. During 2022 there was a cost of living crisis, fuel energy etc. The Club managed to keep costs down and continue to run Trials. All the challenges above were implemented by a young and inexperienced committee. Well done to you all.
In 2023 there is a massive change in how Clubs run Trials events. The event on the day you, the competitors, will notice very few changes. On the other hand, the way the Club now have to organise Trials, there are significant changes. The committee have to get their heads around the new process pretty quickly. So please bear with them.
A couple of decisions made during our November meeting are
1 There will be no increase in Club Membership for 2023. It will stay at £1
2 The Club would like to run a few more trials that we did in 2022. It will depend on the help the Club gets from members to fill on the day positions. (Secretary, results.)
3 The Beginners and Novice series will continue with the same format i.e. Running on a Wednesday evening and Keeping the sections easy.
4 Closed to Club Trials will again keep the same format. i.e. Slightly harder than the Wednesday series.
To try and keep costs to a minimum, there won’t be any points or awards given at the above events.
5 Entry fees for our trials were agreed at the General Meeting the 24/1/23. Entry fees will be Centre and C/ship trials, Adult £25 and Youth £15. Closed to Club, Adult £20 and Youth £15. Wednesday night series, Adult £15 Touth £10.