Important Note

Please do not return to these venues to practice.

The countryside,
including forests, open hill-sides and commons - especially commons - is privately owned by someone or some body. That means you need the owner's permission before you or your under-age son or daughter, ride on any land. The exception is while competing in an event for which the organisers will have obtained approval and probably paid for the use.
Fortunately, in addition to the network of surfaced highways, the countryside has a modest sprinkling of old carriageways which have avoided the tar-and chippings treatment. These tracks are useable by suitable and road legal vehicles (NOT MX Machines) but they are subject to the same regulations regarding speed, care and attention as other carriageways i.e. they are public roads, NOT trials, motocross or enduro practice tracks.

The difficulty is identifying the legal routes. They are not always correctly shown on OS maps,  are seldom properly signed on the ground, and may be described as green lanes, RUPPS, UCRS, white  roads or BOATS. Confused? If you don't know which  are the un-surfaced carriageways in your neck of  the woods, don't just ride anywhere. You can be  prosecuted (ignorance of the law is no excuse),  but far more importantly you will be adding to the  problems which lead to the loss of the few rights   we have and could be prejudicing the running off  future events. Organisers and competitors will not thank you!


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Rocky outcrop. Grass bankings. 

Park carefully on road side.

Sat Nav 53.53 03 8, -2.00 50.0


Rough Holden Farm is on the left hand side when travelling from Silsden. Bankings, Rocks, streams.
Howden Wood - Very steep venue. Plenty of rocks, tree roots and bankings. Not suitable for beginners.

Parking OK.

Satnav coordinates: 53.900045, -1.9070546

A large selection of all terrains. Venue above Kettlewell on the old Leyburn road. Not suitable for beginners. This venue is part of the Allan Jefferies Trial held in July.

Parking OK.

Satnav coordinates: 54.173023,  -2.026913

The venue is a mixture of rocks and hill climbs. Great view over to the Lakes.

Parking OK

Satnav coordinates: 53.984522,-2.053027