The Trophy Room

The Bradford and District Motor Club has over its one hundred year plus existence and the generosity of numerous benefactors established an enviable collection of cups and trophies for open and Closed to Club competitions. This page  endeavours to provide some background about these various trophies including information about the benefactor, and the names of those who have won the trophy.

The details about the trophies has been set out in seven groups, the
first group are those trophies which are offered for open competition in our prestigious open trial commemorating Past Bradford President and Captain the late Allan Jefferies. . The second group is the trophies offered for competitions organised in events open to Yorkshire Centre and West Yorkshire Group. The trials are 1)  Timperley Cup Trial - Yorkshire Centre Championship. 2)  Davy Cup Trial - Centre Trial Not Championship status.  3)  ES Myers Trophy Trial - West Yorkshire Championship.  The third group relates to awards  restricted to Club members in various competitions organised by the Club. These are divided into classes.   Adult -  Youth -  Other

The Club also have a selection of awards for Youth only events. The Club was a regular organiser of the ACU Youth A & B Championship and the ACU Youth Experts. Recently the club have not offered to run these events.

It is the current Club Committee's policy to make as many trophies as possible available for annual competition, so the number of retired trophies is kept low. Over the years several trophies have gone "absent without leave", these are the fifth group. It is possible to record the names of previous winner's by reference to old Dinner Toast Lists and to old motor cycle press reports. Should any reader discover the whereabouts of these
"Strays" we would love to have them returned to the fold; to at least join the ranks of the sixth group, the ‘Retired'.

More to follow